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Whatungarongaro te tangata, toitū te whenua.

People disappear, but the land remains.

Step through the proscenium arch and journey through time itself with UNDERTOW - Te Rākau’s electric Theatre Marae experience.


UNDERTOW is our karanga (call). 

Our wero (challenge). 

Our whaikōrero (speech). 


It is given with aroha (love) - for all that have been, all that are, and all that will be. 


Undertow is our whakapapa (genealogy and ancestry)


It is our koha (offering) to the local and global kōrero (conversation) 

about mana tangata whenua (indigenous rights) and the effects of colonisation.

T o  c o m p l e t e  t h e  p r o c e e d i n g s ,  i t  n e e d s  a n  a u d i e n c e ;

I t  n e e d s  t h e i r  w h a k a a r o  (opinion & ideas), mĀtau-Ā-wheako (lived experience), whakapapa (ancestry)and haerenga (journey) to be here today.

The fulfilment of the cycle lies in what is taken back to the whĀnau (family)iwi (tribe)hapu (sub-tribe)hapori whĀnui (wider community), and the changes enacted, in thought and deed, to restore taurite (balance)mana taurite (equality),tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty)and aumĀrire (peace).


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